Raised in the Gulf of Mexico, with parents that were Chilly pickers which eventually I became at the age 7. Life was Beautiful in the cloudy fields, walking through the grooves of spicy Green. And With entrepreneur brothers and sisters  I grew Tasting exquisite recipes of my grandmother and mi mama. So for over a decade I have been curating the flavor of those green fields in  Veracruz, those fields full of history and magic is what i aim to imprint in my creations. 

Our Company was created in 2010. We have been in farmers markets, artisan parties, and exhibitions.

 we have found the perfect way to reach the taste of our consumers, worked hard to offer something that we think worthy of sending to your table.


​Our product is made in a natural and traditional way without chemicals and preservatives, we have more than one hundred recipes using this product,  we have studied our method for over 10 years.

try our challenge and try Pikasalsa if you like spicy food.

for everything there is Pikasalsa!


Pheonix, Arizona 85021

United States